Haad Rin High is about the life and times of Haad Rin in Koh Phangan. It is a peninsula jutting out of the south east of the island. It has 3 beaches – the famous Sunrise Beach (Haad Rin Nok), the Sunset Beach (Haad Rin Nai) and Leela Beach. Haad Rin is a small village/town with narrow roads packed with bars, restaurants, night spots, shops, massage parlours, hostels, guest houses and hotels. Once a month when the moon is at its zenith Haad Rin becomes over-run with thousands of young, eager folk from around the world keen to participate in that right-of-passage event, the Full Moon Party.

For any of those internet people out there blissfully ignorant of where Haad Rin is then here is a Google Map showing Haad Rin’s location. Apologies to those struggling with Google maps. This once useful tool has become bloated and unweildy thanks to a thinly disguised corporate strategy:

My aim is not to tell you all about the best places to stay or to give you patronising advice about the party. Rather it is to comment, post and just hold up the Haad Rin thing to the light to see how the light refracts and reflects in strange and wonderful ways.


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