Infinity Tattoo Haad Rin

Looking to get a tattoo? Then you have come to the right place. Thailand has lots of great tattoo artists, and Koh Phangan is no exception. There are perhaps half a dozen tattoo parlours in Haad Rin. One of the better ones is Infinity Tattoo.

Infinity Tattoo doesn’t have a website but it does have a Facebook Page. This page is excellent for seeing the quality of work done at the parlour. There are pictures of Buddha and animal tattoos. There examples of sleeves and long leg tattoos. There is also a tattoo around someone’s belly button.

The shop on its Facebook page claims to be open 24 hours a day. That must be a little exaggeration. He must have to pop out occasionally to get more ink, buy food etc. But it does mean that you can always knock on the door and see if anyone is at home. The Facebook page also gives a telephone number that you can find at the bottom of this article. It doesn’t bother with directions or even with an ‘about’ introduction.

The parlour is on one of the small sois in Haad Rin. If you wander around for a little bit you will find it. You will stumble upon other very similar tattoo parlours. Infinity tattoo does the traditional bamboo tattoo as well tats with a machine. The choice is yours; and pain is involved with either method.

The studio itself has a tiled floor and comfortable sofa as well as ‘the chair’ where the customer sits. It also has air-con. This can be a godsend while manly grimacing.

Telephone: 0812716503
Facebook Page