Haad Khontee


As you head up the east coast of Koh Phangan from the Haad Rin Peninsula the first beach you come across is Haad Khontee. It is a small picturesque beach that is usually deserted. It is a rare beach in Koh Phangan as it is empty. Theoretically you could camp out for free at Haad Khontee.

The beach is only about 500 meters from the north end of Haad Rin Nai. However, it is not straight forward to get to. The most direct route is over the rocks, following the coast. It is also the most dangerous route.

Another option is to follow the path to Haad Yuan. After about 40 minutes you come across a river running south-east to the sea. Find the path that follows the river and it will lead you down to Haad Khontee.

The final option is to hire a longtail taxi to get you there. You might want him to stick around as your chances of just flagging a longtail boat down that is passing by are small.

Haad Khontee Beach

The beach is small; about 100 meters long. At both ends the curved beach is flanked by boulders. Since this is an empty beach you will find a full tree line. If you explore you will find the remains of Haad Khontee Resort; long ago abandoned.

The beach has slightly coarse sand mixed in with fine coral. This is because there is a small coral reef just off the coast. It is a nice spot to do some snorkelling as you are unlikely to be disturbed.

Haad Khontee might not be the best beach on the island but it is remarkably quiet and peaceful, and yet so close to the mayhem of Haad Rin. When I see Haad Khontee I wistfully imagine spending a month or so on the beach with my wife and daughter just fishing, swimming and exploring far (but not really) from the madding crowd.

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