Haad Rin Stadium

Here is a YouTube video clip that shows a Muay Thai fight between a Westerner and a Thai. While the fight might not be a classic, the video does give you an idea about what the stadium looks like from the inside.

It is not a massive space, but it is covered. As you can see there are plastic garden chairs around the ring to watch the fight. This is probably not the headline fight so the crowd is sparse and the cheering subdued. The final bout usually pulls in a bigger crowd who get to their feet and cheer as the fight reaches its climax.

This fight features a ‘farang’ up against a Thai. He is handy as we can see in the warm up in the gym. The fight lasts less than 2 rounds. The hipster bearded foreigner never looks under pressure. He eventually gets off a flurry of telling punches to floor the Thai.

Haad Rin Stadium has fight nights in the two consecutive nights before the FMP. If you are in Haad Rin you can’t help but know the details as cars go around with odd recorded announcements promoting the fight nights. Prices to enter the fight nights start at 150 Thai Baht.

The gym is also open during the day. It is a big gym with weights, Muay Thai training and Yoga.

If you fancy working out or learning Thai boxing just pop your head around the door. The stadium is opposite Coral Bungalows.