Leo Full Moon Party

The Leo Full Moon Party is happening tomorrow (1st August,2015). Not only is Leo beer fairly awful, but this event represents a new low for Haad Rin. What was once a cool and underground party has become a huge and over-publicised event, and the final step to corporate whoredom has been completed. I haven’t been so upset since Michael Evis turned the travellers away from Glastonbury. Money really can ruin everything.

The Leo Full Moon is going to be held at Cactus Bar on Haad Rin Sunrise Beach. Apparently some famous DJs will be there. Leo beer will be sold for 80 Baht (still cheaper if you go to the 7-11). Also 350 Baht mojito buckets will be on sale.

If you turn up early and register you can do 60 minutes of beach cleaning from 5pm to 6pm. This will earn you 2 free Leo beers and a bunch of merchandising that you won’t use much but will apparently help the Leo brand.

Leo is from the same company that makes the best beer in Thailand (not saying much) Singha. It is undrinkable unless very cold. I think of it as the Bud of Thailand – light, tasteless and like making love in a canoe.

Whether all the 1st August Full Moon Party is going to be re-branded the Leo Full Moon is unclear.

While the junta makes noises in Bangkok about restricting alcohol sales around universities and proclaims their intention to host only nice, rich, short-stay, 5 star tourists, it seems that some Thai companies are not coy about associating themselves with the bibulous and class-a ridden beach party.

Also why is the beach cleaning before the party when there is little mess to clear up?

I do hope this corporate tie-in just dies on its arse.