Making Friends in Haad Rin


If you are travelling solo to a place like Haad Rin, you might find that you have a yearning to make friends to get the most out of your time on the party beach. Lots of people like travelling alone. They are sociable when the occasion calls, but they are also happy with their own company. I have lots of respect for such self-contained people, but it strikes me that Haad Rin is the last place you would want to be alone.

This is because Haad Rin is the most sociable beach on Koh Phangan. You are expected to mingle and meet. People go in big groups to the Full Moon Party, and much of the run up to the big event is designed to not only make money for the local businesses but also to break the ice for those travelling alone.

There is also a practical reason for taking a friend or friends to the Full Moon Party. And that is safety. You are much less likely to get in to serious trouble if you are in a group. If you pass out there will be a friend to look after you; to prevent your pockets being picked. If you go to the toilet you can have a friend to watch your drink so that it isn’t stolen or spiked. A friend by your side gives you confidence, it allows you to enjoy the party more as well as stay safe. Moreover, you will need someone to have a laugh with.

How to make a friend in Haad Rin? Here are a few tips:

  1. Stay at a hostel. Most of the hostels are very sociable places. Many have pre-party bashes where you get the chance to chat with people. Also staying in the dorms gives you plenty of opportunity to get talking to people
  2. Go on a boat tour. There are several companies doing boat tours. They pick you up at your resort in the morning (not too early); take you around the island, usually stopping at Than Sadet (to see the waterfall), Thong Nai Pan and Koh Ma (to go snorkelling). These tours are often quite jolly with people drinking and relaxing. It is a perfect chance to get chatting to someone. Recommended is Snoop Dogg Tour partly because I love the name.
  3. Enter a competition. There is a football and volleyball competition prior to the Full Moon Party. It doesn’t cost much to enter. If you sign up alone they will match you with others to make a team. There is nothing like sport for bringing people together. To find out more contact Heinz – Competitions are held on the beach in front of Tommy Resort.
  4. A gentler option is a cooking class. Several restaurants have cooking classes that last a few hours. You learn the secrets of Thai cooking and get the chance to break the ice by talking about food.
  5. In the run up to the big party there are plenty of people out drinking. Why not offer to buy someone a drink. Or get on the pool table at the Outback Bar.

I hope that helps. You will have more fun in company in Haad Rin. You will also be safer.