How to Dance to Trance

The wonderful thing about things that we are forbidden to talk about is that they just make you dance; the beats invade your synapses and make your limbs move as if involuntarily. Perhaps you feel the music. Your inhibitions are blown away and you can just get into your own inner space and follow the journey that is trance music.

Trance is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is slower than drum and bass; it’s not gone that stripped down route of minimal nor the happy vocal route of summery house; the breaks seem all build and no blast off. But somehow Koh Phangan party people continue to love this old form of dance music. Even if it’s re-jigged in the hard and progressive Koh Phangan sound.

My silly conclusion is that trance’s popularity is all in the dance. Trance is perfect for sand dancing. It is also perfect for holding a beer or even a bucket. It is also a dance style that you can keep going (sort of) for hours at a time, with the right chemical inducements.

How to Dance to Trance?

Well as you like. In my humble opinion a default mode trance dance involves legs a few feet apart with the dancer facing the DJ. It is then a sway, possibly a side step and perhaps a gentle foot stamp. The upper body has minimal movement; perhaps a slow lunge when really excited; perhaps also a power salute to the DJ.

From looking at the video I have made below (2 spliced videos. One from the FMP and one at Shiva Moon) you can see what I mean.

The first chap is favouring the right foot tap. Note he holds his booze well. He mixes it up with a bit of shoulder movement, power saluting and head nodding.

The second clip shows the fag end of a Shiva Moon party. The survivors are clearly running on fumes and warm beer. They are also adopting the orthodox legs-apart stance. While the chap in grey shorts is employing a casual power salute and side to side step, we see a Thai chap putting on quite a show – he breaks the rules by doing some Cossack kicks (or is that Brazilian dance fighting) and psychedelic arm swinging. We also see a girl behind combining trance dancing with her morning calisthenics. Most New Age.

In this clip we also see a bald pony tail dude. Notice how he is paring down the style to its minimum by mostly just leaning back. The only impostor is the chubby chap at the end who is clearly being guided by mushrooms not trance.

Anyway try this at home. In no time you will have a passable trance dance that will get you accepted into any early morning trance circle, especially if you have a fresh packet of smokes.