Graham Gold

graham gold

Graham Gold is a long running DJ in Koh Phangan. He currently has a residency at Tommy Resort and leads their FMP show. He also pops up virtually everywhere when there is a party on. You cannot stay in Haad Rin for any length of time without hearing his music or seeing his bald-headed mug on a promo poster.

While Graham Gold might have become a Koh Phangan cliché , he is in fact a bit of a legend. For a start he has his own Wikipedia page. Born in 1954, he started DJing when he was 15 doing a mobile disco. This was the start of quite a career. In 1975 he opened his first nightclub. In 1990 he played on the opening show of Kiss Radio. When Danny Rampling and Judge Jules went over to BBC Radio Gold started his Friday Night Show. These Kiss shows were considered revolutionary at the time, and made Gold’s name. The Kiss shows finished in 1990.

Next Gold fronted Peach nightclub in Camden Palace Theatre and started getting wider recognition. He was 8 times listed in DJ magazine as in the top 100 DJs in the world. He has also sold 700,000 records.

When the Peach gig came to an end Gold continued to play at festivals, do voice over work, and various TV work. Eventually he took a boat to Koh Phangan and never left.

It makes for a good story. You can see Graham Gold doing interviews about the Full Moon Party. He seems like a likeable chap and despite his age very much at home with the young ones.

Here is one of his sets from Tommy Resort. It’s house with a lot of electro farty bass noises; it’s high energy and well mixed. You can’t fault it really. Sorry about the jumble of code on the page. WordPress obviously stops iframes, Java etc. to encourage people to give them money.

Graham Gold Live at Tommy Resort, Haadrin for April’s Full Moon Party by Grahamgold on Mixcloud

You have to guess that Gold has taken a massive pay cut settling on Koh Phangan. I don’t suppose Tommy Resort is adding to his pension pot. The medical facilities in Koh Samui are outrageously expensive. Let’s hope that he has squirreled plenty away from his various successes prior to catching that boat to KP. Hats off to Graham.